BK Connect applets are licensed templates from the BK ConnectTM sound and vibration software platform that meet specific analysis requirements for industry- and application-specific tasks. By only including the tools and functionality you use, you get a more focused testing process that allows you to share data with users of the full BK Connect platform – all at a price in line with your needs.

The Applets portfolio

The BK Connect applets portfolio is constantly expanding to meet specific specific testing needs – containing the entire toolset needed to accomplish the tasks, from measurement to reporting

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Our current offering includes:

BK Connect Human Vibration Applet
Focuses on the aspects of human vibration that are of interest from the perspective of occupational health and product safety: whole body and hand-arm vibration.

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BK Connect Hammer Impact Applet
A point solution containing all functionality required to calculate accelerance, mobility and compliance FRFs using impact hammer measurements

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BK Connect Loudness and Overall Analysis Applet
Provides all BK Connect application functionalities needed for loudness calculation and overall analysis according to ISO532-1:2017

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BK Connect FFT Analysis Applet
Contains all the BK Connect application functionalities needed to acquire data, perform FFT analysis and create a report

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BK Connect FFT, CPB and Overall Analysis Applet
Incorporates the BK Connect functionality needed to make standard sound and vibration measurements using FFT, 1/3rd-octave (CPB) and overall analysis

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BK Connect Order Analysis Applet
Contains all the BK Connect tools needed to go from data acquisition to a report

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BK Connect Acoustic Camera Applet
All the software functionality needed to perform noise mapping, noise source identification (NSI) with a hand-held array using beamforming and acoustic holography 

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Keep your options open

As part of the BK Connect platform, BK Connect applets allow you to share data and results with users of the full platform across your organization. You also have the ability to expand capabilities through more applets or by trading them in and upgrading to the full platform, ensuring you always have options should your needs change. 

LAN-XI and LAN-XI Light

Depending on your needs, you can now choose between the standard LAN-XI hardware solution or the new 4-channel LAN-XI Light version. Both deliver the raw power and reliability you need, but now with options to meet your requirements for capabilities and price. 

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Download the applets brochure to read how BK Connect Applets can help you meet specific testing needs.